Nuevos miembros

Queremos dar la bienvenida a nuestros dos nuevos miembros, Javier y Clara. Esperamos que vuestra trayectoria con nosotros, y también futura, sea más que satisfactoria.


Oferta de trabajo/Job offer in POLCA

Non-doctorate researcher position at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Offer description

The UPM based research group “Polymers, Characterization and Applications (POLCA)” is looking for a MSc./MEng. graduate to work as a researcher in the EU H2020 project “Bio-plastics Europe”. The selected candidate will collaborate in the elaboration and characterization of multi-layer materials based on bioplastics, and in the testing of recyclability of bioplastics designed for specific applications.


  • Master’s degree on Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry or similar.
  • Knowledge of polymer processing technologies.
  • Knowledge of polymer characterization techniques such as FTIR, DSC and TGA.
  • English level B2 or higher, to participate and collaborate in meetings and diffusion of the results.


  • Preparation and characterization of bioplastic monolayer films.
  • Optimization of multilayer films preparation methods.
  • Characterization of the monolayer and multilayer films.
  • Characterization of virgin and recycled materials.
  • Collaboration in diffusion of results, meetings and management tasks.

Employment conditions

  • Specific formation in processing and characterization of plastics by experienced researchers.
  • Full-time job according to UPM regulations (37.5 h/week)
  • Gross salary: 20000 €/year.
  • Possibility of elaborating a PhD. thesis

Selection process

Interested candidates should submit a motivation letter and a Curriculum Vitae (in English) to Prof. Joaquín Martínez Urreaga (

Artículo disponible

El artículo «Introducing the Stochastic Simulation of Chemical Reactions Using the Gillespie Algorithm and MATLAB» escrito por J. Martínez Urreaga, J. Mirá y C. González-Fernández se encuentra disponible para descargar en el siguiente enlace:

Original drafts of our latest articles are available

We’ve made available the original drafts of our latest research articles. If you want the definitive version, please visit each journal website:

Freddys R. Beltrán, Esteban Climent-Pascual, María U. de la Orden, Joaquín Martínez Urreaga, Effect of solid-state polymerization on the structure and properties of mechanically recycled poly(lactic acid), Polymer Degradation and Stability, 171, 2020.

J. Martínez Urreaga, F.R. Beltrán, J. Acosta, T. Aguinaco, C. Fonseca, A. Ochoa, J.A. Oliet Palá, C. González-Sánchez, M.U. de la Orden, Tube shelters from agricultural plastic waste: An example of circular economy, Journal of Cleaner Production, 268, 2020.

Beltrán, F.R., Gaspar, G., Dadras Chomachayi, M. et al. Influence of addition of organic fillers on the properties of mechanically recycled PLA. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2020.

Dadras Chomachayi, M., Jalali-arani, A., Beltrán, F.R. et al. Biodegradable Nanocomposites Developed from PLA/PCL Blends and Silk Fibroin Nanoparticles: Study on the Microstructure, Thermal Behavior, Crystallinity and Performance. Journal of Polymer and the Environment, 28, 2020.